Joywoo Fresh (Dalian) Co.,Ltd., based in Dalian, mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of high-end fruit, importing wines and edible agricultural products, which is the modern internet e-commerce agricultural enterprise. Our importing of high-end fruits and its derivatives is throughout Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the world. In domestic market, we establish long-term stable strategic partnership with large supermarkets and vegetable& fruit wholesale markets in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang. At the same time, we have developed the fruit planting experimental base in northeast China on a pilot basis, realizing the integration of production and marketing. In combination with the Internet + thinking mode, we have realized the integration of online and offline, as well as the integration of the south and north in China. We are committed to building a first-class enterprise in China.
About Us
Corporate strategy
Our company has a professional marketing operation team, who can adapt to the modern agricultural market economy actively. At the same time, we make continuous innovation and use O2O marketing model to achieve the north-south connectivity of our company’s business. The company's elite team will explore more win-win platforms that are beneficial to business partners and provide more convenient business cooperation models in the future. The company adheres to the mission of bringing people healthy and fresh fruit life, abides by the business philosophy of integrity first, develops the market by word of mouth, and looks forward to the future by reputation!
High Quality Origin
Origin direct purchase
Delicious food created by its superior growth environment

Multi-channel Operation
Establish in-depth cooperation with large supermarkets and fruit wholesale markets, with wide coverage and strong timeliness
Carefully Selected
All products go through scientific processes, such as selection, cleaning, automatic sorting, packaging and so on
Brand Advantage
Joywoo owns brand fine fruits and canned fruits are well-known in the market
Address:No.9-1, Fuhai Road, Free trade zone, Dalian, China